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Our guarantee to you! When you buy a pair of quality eyeglasses from Shediac Eye Care, you will benefit at no charge for a period of two years the following services:

  • Adjustments and repairs on your frame by a qualified member of our team.
  • A guarantee on the antiglare and scratch-resistant coating of your lenses.
  • Nose pad replacement.

As well, you will receive a lens cloth and a lens cleaner spray bottle with the purchase of any new glasses. Should you have any questions or problems with your glasses, please do not hesitate to see us. It will be our pleasure to help.

We carry over 600 FRAMES

We are proud to stand behind our product each of our frames has a two-year warranty. (except on final sale items)

Prescription Lenses

All of our lenses are two-year warranty. One time replacement per year.

Sun Protection or Sunglasses

The UV sunlight is really damageable. Ask us about 100% UV protection lenses and polarized lenses.

Contact Lenses

Contact lens size is not a “one size fit all”. Our optometrists carefully measure the front curvature of your eye with an instrument called a Keratometer.

The Keratometer analyzes the light reflections and determines your eyes curve and size for your contact lenses.

Our optometrists also measure your pupil and iris to help determine which type of contact lenses properly fit, feel good, and look best on your eyes. A tear film evaluation is done to measure the amount of tears your eyes produce in order to determine if your eyes support the comfort and visual clarity of your contact lenses.

The health of the front of your eye is evaluated using a slit lamp. This instrument provides a highly magnified view of the front of your eye and the areas around it to evaluate the health of your eyes and detect any changes caused by contact lenses.

Follow-up visits are required after an initial contact lens fit to ensure the lenses are resting properly on your eyes and provides you with the best comfort and vision. During this visit the optometrist may apply a stain on your eye to make sure your contact lenses are not damaging the surface of your eyes. After confirming that the contact lenses fit properly are comfortable and provide good visual acuity, our optometrists will finalize your contact lens prescription.

It usually takes about two to three visits to complete a routine contact lens fitting. Thereafter, an annual contact lens exam is scheduled to monitor the health of your eyes.

We use the newest technology available in contact lenses. We fit lenses for all types of prescription-including astigmatism and presbyopia (bifocal).

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